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Miss Armenia Mrs. Globe 2009 is a beauty from Armenia, Gohar Harutyunyan.
The new Mrs. Globe is a wife, mother of two, artist and former model from Armenia. Gohar won her title in December in Slovakia and will hold her title until October 2010. Gohar is the first Armenian woman to capture the title of Mrs. Globe making history in her country.

During her year, Gohar will travel to California and other places to promote both Mrs. Globe, and the WIN Foundation.

Mari's modeling career began in Yerevan in 2004 when she won the Elite Model Look at the age of 19 at the national level and went on to compete in Shanghai for the international Elite Model Look competition.

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Miss Armenia World Bikini Model International - Mari Aksel Nubaryan
The World Bikini Model International and Miss European Tourism competition will be taking place on June 24 in Malta. Armenia will be represented by model Mari Aksel Nubaryan, who lives in Moscow.

Mari's modeling career began in Yerevan in 2004 when she won the Elite Model Look at the age of 19 at the national level and went on to compete in Shanghai for the international Elite Model Look competition.

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Miss Armenia Margarita Sarukhanyan to win “Miss Armenia-2007”
Miss Armenia-2007” competition was held in the national opera and ballet theatre after Al. Spendaryan on October 16. The winner of “Miss Armenia-2007” is Margarita Sarukhanyan. This year, for the first time in Armenia, a transferable crown was granted, which had 425 diamonds on it worth of $7000. The second place was granted to Arpine Atoyan, and the third place - Sveta Mirzoyan. Aprine Atoyan was granted a title of “Miss Media”, who were selected by Media representatives, Hripsime Karapetyan was given a title of “Miss Gracefulness”, Margarita Sarukhanyan was given a title of “Miss Charm”, who were selected by TV viewers through sms-voting. Ashkhen Karavardyan was given a title of “Miss Fascination”, Nazlu Baroyan was given a title of “Miss Peace”, who were selected by the girls. The competition had 18 participants, who appeared in national dresses, swimsuits and dresses of famous fashion designers. The winners of “Miss Armenia-2007” will represent the Republic of Armenia in different international competitions.

Mexico City, 29 May - This evening, during one of the year’s most exciting live international television events, a star-studded panel of judges chose Miss Japan, Riyo Mori, as MISS UNIVERSE® 2007

She was crowned in Mexico City during the 56th Miss Universe with 77 girls competing, including the Italian Valentina Massi from the province of Forlě. Second place went to the 22-year-old Brazilian Natalia Guimaraes and third to the 21-year-old Venezuelan Ly Jonaitis. Mori, 20, is the successor to the Puerto Rican Zuleyka Rivera, and is the second Japanese contestant ever to win, after Akiko Kojima in 1959. Her dream is to open an international dancing school in Tokyo. As the winner of Miss Universe, she will have at her disposal an apartment for a year in New York where she will study acting, as well as an entire wardrobe, a very valuable watch and a set salary, the amount of which is not made known.
During the competition the American contestant, Miss USA Rachel Smith, was booed a number of times by the Mexican public in protest over the treatment given to their yellow countrymen in the States. Clearly disturbed, at one point the girl tripped on her skirt but managed to achieve fifth place nonetheless.


Miss Armenia 2006, Marina Vardanyan, 22 participated in Miss Europe 2006 in Kiev. Marina Vardanyan was among 12 beauties. And the director of the Miss Armenia Agency Karen Aristakesyan says Miss Belarus deserved to be the winner, but Miss France became Miss Europe. Nevertheless, Marina got offers from model agencies. Besides, Marina has an opportunity to take part in different fashion and beauty contests. Marina Vardanyan graduated from the Department of Russian Philology of Yerevan State University and is going to take a post-graduate course.

Miss Armenia "Internationally Young Fashion Contest"

"Internationally Young Fashion Contest" best new generation designers distinguished in Dresden. The newcomer designer Mery Esajan from Hanover won the Rei Catwork Award 2006. It inspired specialized technical and public, as the organizers communicated on Sunday in Dresden. The winner draft is a creation from a heavy Wolljacket with hood and a dress hidden under it. Apart from the price endowed with 5000 euro the 19 year old designer kept a ticket international after Montreal to "the Young Fashion Contest".

It won also the for the first time assigned L'Oreal Special Award. Thus their first order is connected: It has the possibility of developing the autumn/winter Collection 2007/2008 from L'Oreal. With the Show "Catwork" presented 35 recent talents under the slogan of this year "Spirit OF Harmony" with a show from dance, light art and music their ideas to lady and mode for men. The graduates of German mode schools were selected of a technical and a prominent jury from approximately 300 applicants as candidates for the Germany final. For the first time the Fashion Contest was brought 1998 in Dresden into being.

Miss Armenia Tamar Goregian, Iraqi Queen of Beauty

Tamar Goregian, 23, the first Armenian Iraqi to win the pageant, was officially elected the "Iraqi Queen of Beauty." Nine contestants, including five Muslim girls, already withdrew days before the event, fearing after impacts for participating in a "taboo" competition. Eleven contestants remained. Aside from "Queen of Beauty", the audience also elected a "teen queen" and a "queen of grace". According to one pageant official "Pageants give women an edge to represent Iraqi costumes and culture, and show that Iraqi women are beautiful and intelligent," a pageant official said.

Miss Armenia Alice Panikian, Miss Universe Canada 2006

The 20 year old York University student, Alice Panikian of Toronto was anointed Miss Universe Canada 2006 Tuesday night at the Casino de Montreal, as reported by Canada.com. Alice Panikian defeats 48 other hopefuls contestant and takes over the tiara from Natalie Glebova, who went on to win the 2005 Miss Universe Pageant contest and beat Miss Puerto Rico in Thailand last year.

She also took the Miss Photogenic prize as the judges rated the young women on poise, confidence, intelligence, physical fitness, and beauty as they modelled in swimsuits and evening gowns and made impromptu speeches.

Natalie Glebova said that Panikian will give Canada a strong candidate for the Miss Universe crown for a second year in a row. “She’s gorgeous. Absolutely stunning,” Glebova said.

“It’s surreal. I think I’m dreaming,” Panikian said, checking her pulse. “No, no, I’m not.”

The runner-up for this year Canadian Miss Universe is Claudia Cote, had received the loudest applause from the audience. “Quebec women are known their warmth and beauty,'’ Cote lamented. “It would have been nice to see one of our girls in the final round.” Other three Quebecers were among the 10 finalists, but none made the Top 5.

Alice Panikian as the winner of this year Miss Universe Canada will travel the world in defence of a favourite cause. For Panikian, it will be HIV and AIDS prevention in Africa. “(AIDS) is very preventible. With education we can save a lot of lives,” she said.

Miss Armenia About Alice: Alice Panikian was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and came to Canada when she was five years old. She is in her second year at York University majoring in English and Communications. She loves to read and write and hopes to become a broadcast journalist.

Alice is also a model and has traveled to Paris, Milan and New York; she loves meeting new people and learning about different cultures. If Alice became Miss Universe Canada she would use it as an opportunity to speak out on issues such as HIV/AIDS, gun violence, bullying, and other problems facing our society today.

Interests: Alice likes to stay active and takes pleasure in yoga and volleyball. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and loves to laugh as well as to make others laugh. Alice also loves fashion and has a strong personal style. She spends time volunteering for different non-profit organizations.

Miss Armenia • What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
- One freezing cold night last winter my friend and I were in a playful mood and we decided to go frolic in the snow during a blizzard. We went tobogganing and made snow angels at 1 am.

• What charity/charities have you supported with your time and/or resources over past two years?
- Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Epilepsy Toronto and the Yorkwoods Public Library

• What would be your "dream job" in life?
- My dream job would be a broadcast journalist or a TV show host.

• Name one personal accomplishment (in addition to being a Miss Universe Canada contestant) that makes you especially proud.
- I recently had the opportunity to represent Canada in the Reinado del Café pageant in Manizales, Colombia. It was an amazing experience visiting Colombia and meeting other delegates from all over the world. I was not expecting to win the crown but I did, and I felt very honored to be awarded such a title as well as to be representing Canada. This experience made me especially proud because I was one of the only people there who could not speak Spanish, and I managed not to let language become a barrier for me.

• What is the most important thing you want people to know about you?
- I am a compassionate, loyal and honest person and I like learning and evolving. I accept people from all walks of life.

• What is your favourite movie, song, sport, and food?
- My favourite movie is The Count of Monte Cristo
- My favourite song is Time to Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman
- My favourite sport is volleyball
- My favourite food is fettuccine alfredo

• What would you like to accomplish if you win the Miss Universe Canada title?
- I would like to bring awareness and contribute help to causes that are important to me and that are present in our country today, such as poverty and HIV/AIDS. It is important for people to be educated on the topics and to know exactly what they can do to help and prevent the problems. I also think it is important to talk to school children about issues such as self- esteem and bullying because these are problems facing the youth of Canada.

• A motto that has served you as inspiration.
- Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

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Mrs. Globe 2009 - Gohar Harutyunyan.
Mrs. Globe 2009 - Gohar Harutyunyan

Mrs. Globe 2009 - Gohar Harutyunyan

Mrs. Globe 2009 - Gohar Harutyunyan

Mrs. Globe 2009 - Gohar Harutyunyan

Mrs. Globe 2009 - Gohar Harutyunyan

World Bikini Model International - Mari Aksel Nubaryan
World Bikini Model International - Mari Aksel Nubaryan
MISS ARMENIA 2007, Margarita Sarukhanyan
MISS ARMENIA 2007, Margarita Sarukhanyan
Mery Esajan, The best newcomer designer 2006
Mery Esajan, The best newcomer designer 2006, Model of Universe - Germany
Tamar Goregian, Iraqi Queen of Beauty
Tamar Goregian, Iraqi Queen of BeautyTamar Goregian, Iraqi Queen of Beauty
Alice Panikian

MISS UNIVERSE CANADA 2006 - Alice Panikian

MISS UNIVERSE CANADA 2006 - Alice Panikian

MISS UNIVERSE CANADA 2006 - Alice Panikian

MISS UNIVERSE CANADA 2006 - Alice Panikian

MISS UNIVERSE CANADA 2006 - Alice Panikian

MISS UNIVERSE CANADA 2006 - Alice Panikian