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Miss Armenia  Margarita Sarukhanyan - Yerevan

Margarita Sarukhanyan to win “Miss Armenia-2007”
Miss Armenia-2007” competition was held in the national opera and ballet theatre after Al. Spendaryan on October 16. The winner of “Miss Armenia-2007” is Margarita Sarukhanyan. This year, for the first time in Armenia, a transferable crown was granted, which had 425 diamonds on it worth of $7000. The second place was granted to Arpine Atoyan, and the third place - Sveta Mirzoyan.

Aprine Atoyan was granted a title of “Miss Media”, who were selected by Media representatives, Hripsime Karapetyan was given a title of “Miss Gracefulness”, Margarita Sarukhanyan was given a title of “Miss Charm”, who were selected by TV viewers through sms-voting. Ashkhen Karavardyan was given a title of “Miss Fascination”, Nazlu Baroyan was given a title of “Miss Peace”, who were selected by the girls. The competition had 18 participants, who appeared in national dresses, swimsuits and dresses of famous fashion designers. The winners of “Miss Armenia-2007” will represent the Republic of Armenia in different international competitions.

MISS ARMENIA 2007, Margarita Sarukhanyan
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