[ visa issuance ]

The process of visa issuance is simple and clear. Please apply to the nearest Armenian embassy or consulate and submit the following data:

  • Passport that is valid at least a month after the date of return; and copies of all pages with passport data;
  • A filled-out visa application form, including dates of arrival/departure, and the purpose of visiting Armenia (tourism, study, business, etc.);
  • A recent passport size photo for US citizens. For citizens of other countries it is necessary to submit two photos. Photos made by automatic photographic devices are not acceptable.
Now you can get a visa via Internet too. e-Visa allows you to do it easy and fast. The payment must correspond to the one indicated in the application form.

Armenien - Armenia Embassies of the Republic of Armenia

Types, prices and number of entrances of visas

Type of Visa Validity Visa Fee, USD
Business (multiple) 3 months $ 70.00
Diplomatic (multiple) 12 months Free of charge
Diplomatic / transit 3 months Free of charge
Tourist (single entry, by invitation) 21 days $ 30.00
Tourist (w/o invitation, within 3 days, single entry) 21 days $ 30.00
Tourist (w/o invitation, within 5 days, single entry) 21 days $ 50.00
Transit (single entry) 3 days $ 20.00
Transit (multiple entry) 3 days $ 25.00

For more details visit Web site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia

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