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Armenian National Language Support

Version 2.0.1 for Windows 95, 98 and NT4.0
This software package adds the following components to your Windows operating system:
  • two screen-optimized TrueType fonts --"Arial AM" and "Courier AM" -- mainly intended for previewing web pages and e-mail messages in Armenian
  • a fast and efficient keyboard driver (recoder) for typing in Armenian in any application, including Internet browsers and e-mail agents
  • modifications in the configuration of most known Internet applications so that you can preview web pages, send and receive e-mail messages in Armenian timezone information for Armenia with automatic DST (daylight saving time) adjustment
To download the Armenian NLS installer, click here: nsl20.exe (769 KB)
Armenia - downloadManual for installation

Alternative Armenian Keyboard Software

Armenia - download KDWin 95 (927 KB)
Armenia - download KDWin 3.0 (1.08 MB)

Armenian Fonts /Mac Os/

Armenia - download macfont8.sit (33 KB)

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