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Why to investment in Armenia

The investment and trade policies of Armenia are considered to be the most open in the CIS by international organizations. Foreign companies are encouraged to invest and are entitled by law to the same treatment as local companies, moreover they have certain advantages. Armenia's investment climate is continuously improving with a strong government commitment to attracting FDI, including refining the legislative framework. Large-scale privatization offers additional attractive opportunities.

The Law on Foreign Investment, adopted in July 1994, regulates foreign investment in Armenia. It provides guarantees to foreign investors and protects investors from changes in the business related laws for 5 years. According to the Law a "Foreign Investor" is any foreign company or citizen, a person without citizenship, an Armenian citizen permanently residing outside of Armenia, or an international organization that invests in Armenia. "Foreign investment" is any form of property, including financial assets and intellectual property, which is invested by a foreign investor directly in the territory of Armenia, in any economic or other venture.
Construction Telecommunications Audit, Consulting
Hotels Banking Banking
Beverages Jewelery Mining and Metallurgy
IT Sector


Germany In the framework of the official business delegation headed by top officials of the Ministry of Economy and Technology of the Federal Republic of Germany and business community representatives from 17 companies.

Armenian Development Agency will be hosting an official business delegation from Germany. In October, 9th, 2006 ADA will hold an Armenian German Business Forum. The program includes welcome speeches of Mr. K. Chshmarityan, Minster of Trade and Economic Development of the Republic of Armenia, Her Excellency, Mrs. Renata Paitsch, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany to Armenia, Mr. Peter Lorents, Adviser on the Cooperation with CIS countries, Ministry of Economy and Technology of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Oliver Vick, Director of Eastern Committee of German economy.

Welcome speeches will be followed by the presentation on Armenia's economic development and cooperation potential made by Mr. Tigran Davtyan, Deputy Minister of Trade and Economic Development of Armenia, and presentation on Armenia's investment environment and export opportunities made by Mr. Vahagn Movsisyan, General Director of Armenian Development Agency.
The German side was represented by 17 private company representatives including Alcatel Deutschland GmbH, AREVA Energietechnik, Siemens AG (electronics and electrical techniques), Multitrade Commerz GmbH (trade of used equipment), ABB AG (power energy), union of engineers and other companies, which are engaged in roads building equipment production, processing and trade of precious stones, introduction of food processing technologies, agricultural equipment, laboratory equipment, construction works etc.
The representative of Commit Project Partners, which is the delegation's visit coordinating German organization will present all members of delegation. Afterwards, discussions with Armenian Government and business community will take place. The two sides will exchange useful information on the two countries economies on the macro and micro levels and ADA will support to the effective follow up of the activities of the two sides after the event.

09. Oktober 2006

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